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Innovative MGA Incubator streamlines processes with bespoke software

Managing multiple agreements and contract renewals can be confusing and time-consuming. OneAdvent uncomplicated their workload by investing in a bespoke software application.


OneAdvent, part of Advent Global, is an MGA platform for entrepreneurial underwriters. They act as a springboard and incubator for MGAs by providing them with a broad range of assistance in launching their new businesses.

Along with their extensive experience of insurance markets, OneAdvent provides a practical framework for compliance, access to FCA permissions and specialist regulatory support. With OneAdvent's shared London office space and preferred partner network, ambitious underwriters have everything they need to successfully kickstart their company.

We've developed a great partnership with the team at Gather. Everyone was professional, hard-working and friendly. The bespoke software provided has saved us a lot of time and energy by centralising our contract management procedures. With its customisable features, our Agreements Manager has scope for growth and flexibility in the future.

Elizabeth Fisher

Key Benefits

  • Evolves with your business
  • Cost effective in the long term
  • Repeat testing ensures reliability
  • Gain oversight of your business
  • Simplifies your administrative processes
  • Keep one step ahead of competitors

What We Did?

Initially, we worked closely with OneAdvent to outline the scope of their project. Their software system had to provide a simple interface for entering and viewing OneAdvent's contractual records with an emphasis on ease of use.

We began developing Agreements Manager, a bespoke application with a central location to easily view the full list of contracts and highlight any that require attention. This also included a search function with various filters for quickly refining the results.

Inputting information was condensed into simplified dropdown fields, enabling their team to swiftly choose from a list of options. With editable areas to add manual notes and attachments, it is straightforward to update existing records and remove invalidated information. Everything is timestamped with the username, making all transactions easily accessible for OneAdvent's team.

We set up prompts to automatically remind OneAdvent's team of any lapsing contracts and upcoming agreement dates. With a selection of choices for setting reminders, their renewal processes retained versatility and gave OneAdvent increased control over individual agreements.

Our Agreements Manager application vastly reduced their administrative processes and quickly streamlined their contract renewal procedures. As customised software, it has flexibility for OneAdvent's inevitable, and exciting, future growth.

Why Us?

OneAdvent has built a network of trusted, and proven, suppliers that they work with and promote to their start-ups, including our team at Gather.

As an MGA platform, OneAdvent advocates for multiple external organisations and holds a variety of time-sensitive agreements. Originally, they were storing all their contracts on a drive that lacked security and made contract renewal a time-consuming, and complicated, process for their team.

They needed a solution that stored and centralised all their agreements with automated reminders for renewal dates.

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