equipsme - Case Study

Preparing a small start-up for
launch onto the global stage

As a start-up, Equipsme needed agility and scalability from their systems.
But backing from a multinational insurance firm demanded robust
security too. So how do new businesses build an IT infrastructure
that’s fit for today – and the future?


An InsureTech start-up new to the market, Equipsme provides UK businesses and their workforces with affordable, hassle-free healthcare plans. Backed by AXA PPP Healthcare, the company launched in 2017 with the aim to give customers what they actually want from their insurance products.

It was great to be able to work with a company who understood what we were about and what we wanted to achieve – an active partner who we could rely on to drive our IT deliverables, not just passively accept instructions. And they could work within our budget too!

Rhonwen Beesley

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and easy to scale as you grow
  • Outstanding disaster recovery
  • A clear per head cost 100% pay-as-you-go
  • Enterprise class security and resiliency
  • Trusted technology partner

What We Did?

We built a solution for Equipsme that harnessed Microsoft Office 365 and RingCentral software. Working on site in Equipsme HQ, our team configured all of the Macs, iPads and phones to connect them to a single system. With the new infrastructure up and running in just one day, the company was free to focus on launching their new business.

Why Us?

Like most start-ups, Equipsme needed systems that would be affordable, with no significant initial outlay. When growth kicked in, these systems would need to scale with it, providing the flexibility and agility that the world of new businesses demands.

However, operating in a highly regulated environment – with backing from an established firm – came with an additional set of challenges. Systems needed the enterprise-standard security and encryption, high levels of auditability and traceability, and compliance you’d expect in a large, corporate environment.

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Our Values

Our values guide our decision-making and underpin our culture. They inspire the solutions we produce, the services we provide and the people we employ.
We’re passionate about what we do, and pride ourselves on knowing our market inside out. We bring a can-do attitude and an open mind to every project.
We’re committed to continual improvement. That means admitting to our mistakes, learning from our experiences and taking the time to appreciate one another.
We’re accountable for our actions and focused on finding solutions. Whatever the challenge, we’ll tackle it head on.
We mean what we say, and say what we mean. Straight talking and straightforward, we keep things simple so we can focus on the job in hand.