Candlelight Care


Family-run care company gains IT support their business deserves

Candlelight Care's work is absolutely vital to their clients. Through our reliable Managed IT services, Gather handles any technical issues so Candlelight Care can continue providing high-quality care to their clients.


Candlelight Care is a family-run, social care company operating across Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and East Sussex.

Their highly-trained teams of professional carers provide friendly and reliable Home Care and Live-In Care services to people of all ages in their own homes.

By helping with certain aspects of everyday life, Candlelight Care supports and enables their clients to remain independent in the familiarity and comfort of their own homes.

The feedback I have from staff throughout the organisation is that the team at Gather are friendly and receptive, easy to contact, very responsive and get any queries or issues resolved speedily. We're very pleased we found them!

Jill Carpenter

Key Benefits

  • Access to specialist skills & technologies
  • Outstanding disaster recovery
  • Centralisation of your network
  • Enterprise class security & resiliency
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Visibility & control over your data

What We Did?

We provide Candlelight Care with a responsive and friendly outsourced support desk that is tailored to their business and budget.

When a problem arises, our SLA is immediately or even sooner. Once Candlelight Care logs a ticket or needs our advice, we are immediately on hand to help. If we can't solve the issue remotely, we send one of our engineers out to fix the dilemma onsite.

Whilst our team is on hand to solve any day to day concerns, we also monitor their systems and aim to anticipate any serious or recurring issues. Armed with foresight, we are prepared for every eventuality and able to select the appropriate response.

A productive business relationship is built on professional trust. All issues raised by Candlelight Care's team, no matter how seemingly small, are met with the same level of consideration, care and tenacity from our team. We are proud of the level of trust we have built with them.

Our responsiveness and reliability of our managed IT service enables Candlelight Care to continue doing what they do best: Providing care of the highest quality to their clients.

Why Us?

Candlelight Care's work is crucial to their clients and must be of the highest quality to continue to meet and exceed industry regulations. With teams and clients across multiple locations, their IT systems are essential as a centralised point for storing highly-sensitive data, sharing team information and monitoring clients' care packages.

Previously, Candlelight Care worked with another company with no complaints. After a change of management, their IT provider shifted their business away from managed IT services. Candlelight Care needed to find the same level of efficiency, responsiveness and customer service elsewhere. On a recommendation from a personal acquaintance (and our employee) Candlelight Care approached us.

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Our Values

Our values guide our decision-making and underpin our culture. They inspire the solutions we produce, the services we provide and the people we employ.
We’re passionate about what we do, and pride ourselves on knowing our market inside out. We bring a can-do attitude and an open mind to every project.
We’re committed to continual improvement. That means admitting to our mistakes, learning from our experiences and taking the time to appreciate one another.
We’re accountable for our actions and focused on finding solutions. Whatever the challenge, we’ll tackle it head on.
We mean what we say, and say what we mean. Straight talking and straightforward, we keep things simple so we can focus on the job in hand.