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Security conscious HR consultancy increases data protection with cyber security audit and OneDrive migration

As an organisation that depends on its client’s confidence, JourneyHR wanted to ensure they were taking every step possible to keep their data protected. A Gather Technology cyber security risk audit found the business was already well protected, but a OneDrive migration was advised and completed to enhance file sharing security.


JourneyHR are a team of HR consultants and people & culture specialists for the creative industry. Their purpose is simple - create great places to work.

Their business had gone through a rapid period of growth, making joint founders Sue and Aliya concerned about their cyber security. Their area of expertise is people, not technology! They wanted to ensure that they were as protected as possible, with a particular focus on the security of their client’s data.

Key Benefits

  • Full audit ensures no current data risks
  • Convenient integration with Office 365
  • Extensive file sharing controls
  • Full post-migration training and support delivered

What We Did?

Thankfully, Sue and Aliya had an impressive array of protective systems and processes already in place. Following a Gather Technology cyber security risk audit, we concluded that there were no immediate risks to sensitive data. However, we were able to identify a handful of areas for improvement, which we outlined in our post-audit report.

One topic we felt strongly about was their file sharing and data storage system. Since storing data securely was so critical to Journey’s ongoing success, we advised them to move to an industry-standard solution such as OneDrive.

In recent years, OneDrive has seen a big investment of development time from Microsoft. The results speak for themselves – this solution can now hold its own against any of its competitors and in many cases, has a significant advantage due to its Office 365 integration.

As current users of Office 365, it made sense to switch their file storage to OneDrive and benefit from all the security features:

  • Single sign on and multifactor authentication
  • Data loss prevention
  • Class leading file sharing controls
  • Sensitivity labels and compliance
  • File Auditing and Reporting

We worked with Sue and Aliya to scope a OneDrive migration project. This involved:

  • Initial configuration of OneDrive with a best practice “least privilege” secure configuration
  • Rollout of OneDrive to all users, including training on how it differs and how to use it securely when sharing files externally
  • Weekend migration of data for minimal disruption and follow up support provided

Due to Journey’s security-focused mindset, the business was already well protected and meeting the minimum security standards required to protect their customers’ data. However, as their business is built on putting their clients first, they decided to be proactive in taking the next step towards increased future security. Doing so has meant that they can brag about their security, not be concerned it might trip them up!

Why Us?

Over one third of UK businesses have experienced a cyber security attack during their lifetime. When it comes to maintaining your client’s trust, nothing is more daunting than the potential damage caused by a data breach.

For JourneyHR, a Gather Technology cyber security risk audit was the right choice to set their mind at ease. Journey had taken many effective steps in securing their data, from both an IT systems and processes perspective, but wanted to know if there was anything more to be done.

Our team was able to offer immediate insight into the existing protection measures, in addition to designing and executing a plan for improvement driven by a Microsoft OneDrive migration.

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