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Forward-thinking law firm makes protecting client data their top priority

Stokes Partners' email systems were coming to their end of lifecycle. As their trusted IT partner, Gather had a plan of action that would give them uncompromising cyber security with minimal disruption to their day-to-day business.  


Stokes Partners are a forward-thinking law firm that never compromises on the high standards or quality of service provided to their clients. Since 2018, we have been working closely with them to develop a robust approach and clear IT roadmap that continuously benefits their business whilst anticipating any potential obstructions.

With our specialist guidance, Stokes Partners selected a strategy that would ensure flexibility in any future infrastructure alternatives, including the option to consider cloud-based technologies.

Gather have helped us to create an IT Roadmap that aligns with our business development plan. They have worked closely with us to develop a strategic approach to our IT spend and the options they provide are always carefully considered and cost-effective.

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Key Benefits

  • Flexible & easy to scale as you grow
  • Outstanding disaster recovery
  • Collaborate on projects from anywhere
  • Enterprise class security & resiliency
  • Enhances infrastructure & reduces cost
  • Visibility & control over your data

What We Did?

After considering all options, we decided it was the natural choice, and the right time, to migrate onto Office 365, the industry-leading cloud option for email. Initially, we worked with Stokes on a detailed migration plan. Once given the green light, we transferred their systems with minimal disruption to their day-to-day business.

Armed with a cloud-based email system, Stokes Partners now have the uncompromising security that satisfies regulatory standards and keeps their clients' security as their top priority. By managing and maintaining their compliance through a cloud enhanced infrastructure, Stokes Partners can easily prove to regulators that they are meeting and exceeding industry standards.

Building a long-term relationship with Stokes Partners gave us a deeper understanding of their company. With foresight of potential complications or future changes, every solution we provide is considered and tailored to their business needs.

With migration to the cloud complete, we have already begun considering the next phase of Stokes Partners’ 5-year business development plan with enthusiasm and confidence.

Why Us?

Thanks to our IT roadmap, we were aware that Exchange 2010, Windows 2008 R2 and Office 2010 were about to reach their end of supportable life. Without further security updates or technical support for these systems, Stokes Partners faced potential risks to their cyber security and falling short in their high standard of compliance with industry regulations.

As part of our ongoing IT strategy, we had prepared a selection of viable options that would most cost-effectively upgrade Stokes Partners' email systems whilst mitigating any risk or impact to their company.

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Our Values

Our values guide our decision-making and underpin our culture. They inspire the solutions we produce, the services we provide and the people we employ.
We’re passionate about what we do, and pride ourselves on knowing our market inside out. We bring a can-do attitude and an open mind to every project.
We’re committed to continual improvement. That means admitting to our mistakes, learning from our experiences and taking the time to appreciate one other.
We’re accountable for our actions and focused on finding solutions. Whatever the challenge, we’ll tackle it head on.
We mean what we say, and say what we mean. Straight talking and straightforward, we keep things simple so we can focus on the job in hand.