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Outsourced CTO

With an outsourced CTO from Gather Technology, you’re getting our extensive experience and dedicated passion, without the obligations or risks of hiring a traditional senior employee. Our board-level Chief Technology Officers work to help build and develop your organisation for sustained growth.

Organisations often seek to introduce outsourced CTOs during interim periods, while they look for a permanent replacement. Whatever your business’s requirements, we can offer you a technical and commercial leader with decades of experience.

From identifying infrastructure requirements and cybersecurity risks to compliance or change management, a Gather Technology outsourced CTO will ensure you have the capability to strategise and react effectively.

Knowledge and Skill

Having a skilled and knowledgeable technical leader on your side is immensely valuable, whether you’re launching a new software product or looking to update your internal IT infrastructure. With experience across a vast array of clients and industries, Gather’s outsourced CTOs have the ability to guide your digital processes and IT projects from end to end.

If your business needs representation during investment phases, or a technical mind in front of external stakeholders, a CTO is the ideal voice to ensure you appear competent and confident.

Day-to-day advisory duties, strategy, policy, budgeting and data-driven analysis can all be a part of a CTOs role. Regardless of your organisation’s priorities, we have the knowledge and commercial experience to offer that vital support.

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Technical and managerial leadership are significant elements of any CTO's role. Whether you’re hiring a new team or looking to develop a roadmap for the future, a Gather Technology CTO can aid in ensuring you select the most capable staff, establish the most valuable strategic partnerships and have a realistic and sustainable vision.

With their years of board-level experience, our outsourced CTOs are comfortable working alongside your existing senior leadership team to achieve your objectives. We take the time to fully assimilate to your organisation’s culture and practises, while retaining an independent and critical eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the organisation, a Chief Technology Officer’s role may vary. However, in most businesses a CTO is tasked with overseeing current and future technological needs and capabilities, ensuring alignment between the organisation’s goals and the internal technical reality. As the most senior technical staff member, it’s likely that all other IT and technical staff report directly or indirectly to this individual.

Our Values

Our values guide our decision-making and underpin our culture. They inspire the solutions we produce, the services we provide and the people we employ.
We’re passionate about what we do, and pride ourselves on knowing our market inside out. We bring a can-do attitude and an open mind to every project.
We’re committed to continual improvement. That means admitting to our mistakes, learning from our experiences and taking the time to appreciate one another.
We’re accountable for our actions and focused on finding solutions. Whatever the challenge, we’ll tackle it head on.
We mean what we say, and say what we mean. Straight talking and straightforward, we keep things simple so we can focus on the job in hand.