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What is a Cyber Strategy?

What is a Cyber Strategy? 

We've all heard about cyber security and the best practices for protecting your business. The latest innovation is becoming proactive with a cyber security strategy. But what is cyber strategy and why is useful?

Recently, there has been a phenomenal rise in cyber crime. Whether that's ransomware, data breaches or the common phishing email, cyber security has been a steep learning curve for many companies.

In an increasingly digital world, no one wants to be fighting cyber fires: Blocking breaches and phishing attempts at every email. The majority prefer to be fully armed and prepared for the unexpected. This is where cyber strategy becomes a game-changer and a powerful tool in cyber security.

Cyber strategy empowers your company to be proactive and prepared for most cyber security eventualities instead of reacting after a breach. Want to see some practical cyber strategy examples? Download our white paper, How to Write a Cyber Strategy. 

What is a Cyber Security Strategy?

A cyber strategy is a plan of high-level actions intended to improve the resilience and security of IT infrastructures and services. Simply put, it is a cyber security roadmap.

Through a top-down approach to cyber security, it sets out a series of objectives and priorities to be achieved in a specific timeframe. Cyber strategies have mostly been applied at a national level or in large public organisations, like the NHS or the UK Government's NCSS 2016 to 2021.

In recent years, more and more companies are adopting a proactive approach to cyber security and arming themselves with a cyber strategy.

Why is useful?

A strong strategy arms your business with the right policies and procedures and your employees also gain cyber security skills and vigilance.

With a strong cyber strategy, not only will your business have a fast recovery time, it will also be forewarned and forearmed for any cyber incidents in the future. 

A strategic approach could be the difference between a minor attack and a major breach. Implementing a proactive cyber security strategy across your business will save you far more than money or time, it could preserve your company's reputation.

By stopping minor incidents from spiralling into major breaches, you can protect your company, its reputation and any clients or partners within your network.

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How to Write a Cyber Strategy