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Ryan Fairchild


 Ryan Fairchild

  • Experienced in delivering complex procurement projects

  • Minimises risk and cost without comprising quality

  • Organised and keeps everything moving to schedule

  • Brings a fresh perspective to our industry.

  • Approachable and easy to talk to.

Ryan will be joining us as new our Finance and Account Manager.

Ryan has a keen interest in technology and IT, especially the inner workings of IT systems. He hopes to develop this knowledge base and skill set in his new role. 

Before Gather, he spent 8 years as a Buyer at Honeywell Aerospace, gaining experience in purchasing and account management. 

Building on our existing contracts and current resources with his industry experience, he will ensure that all our projects are a success.

The experience he brings to our team will be invaluable and we know Ryan will be a great fit at Gather.


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