Gather’s First Christmas

Gather's First Christmas

Cocktail-making with a bang


We shook things up during our Christmas Cocktail Making Party at TT Liquor, London Shoreditch. 

Feeling a little back-to-school, we paired up at our cocktail-making stations and began our session with a much-needed welcome cocktail.

Simon's cocktail goes off with a bang!

After our welcome drink, their inhouse mixologist showed us a few expert techniques, using different spirits, to make a selection of delicious cocktails that fortunately needed no demonstration for drinking.

Simon's cocktail goes off with a bang!

Although we're all bonafide nerds, some of us were definitely better than others when it came to cocktail-making. Our Director’s cocktail making certainly went off with quite a bang...

Don’t quit your day job, Simon!

Simon's cocktail goes off with a bang!