Gather Represents the City

Gather Represents the City

Team at Gather Technology takes on the City vs. the Wharf Challenge in London


This year’s London City v Wharf 5k Corporate Run Challenge took place on September 12th in Victoria Park, with both of London’s major business districts looming on the horizon.

This is the biggest corporate running event in the UK and sees workers from both areas go head to head in a clash of the titans.

With over 900 runners set to take up the challenge, Gather Technology joined Advent’s team, OneAdvent, and represented the City with pride.


Our fastest runner was Najeeb, coming in 179th with an impressive 22:34mins.

He was followed closely by Lucas, with just 35 seconds difference and positioned at 209. 

Overall, it was a wonderful event, keeping corporate competition friendly between the renowned intercity rivals.

Team times

  • Najeeb Sughayer – 179th – 00:22:34 
  • Lucas Moore – 209th- 00:23:09 
  • Emily Graham – 477th – 00:27:20 
  • Matt Agyemang-Duah – 619th – 00:30:43 
  • Marlow Schlebusch – 720th – 00:37:17 

Congratulations to the winners and everyone that took part.
We’ll see you all there next year.