What is Agile Software Development?

What is Agile Software Development?

The agile methodology has become an industry-standard for software development. It has been so effective in software that it is now widely used across multiple projects and businesses. What does it actually mean? 

Agile software development puts the emphasis on incremental delivery, collaboration, constant planning and learning. It is a dynamic process that allows for continuous change throughout the development cycles.

Every cycle starts with adaptive planning and rapid development for the early delivery of a working product. Once the software is ready for an initial review, any feedback received aids in its continual improvement. Agile software teams are encouraged to collaborate, be responsive to change and prioritise individual interactions over processes and tools.

The iterative cycles all follow a similar structure to the infographic below: 


If issues or changes are needed during the reviews, the software team will return to the planning stage and work through another cycle. This iterative way of working is completed again and again... and again until the finished product is ready to launch.

The agile methodology isn't just applicable to software development: It’s a set of values and principles used across multiple projects. Simply put - It's a way of thinking and acting.

Agile workers use short bursts for an iterative and incremental delivery of a project or product. Failure or fault-finding isn't a problem, it's part of the agile process. This allows space for feedback and further development until the product is working.


Our agile approach to software development allows for continuous refining and testing of a product as it is built. We start by collaborating with you to define and refine your needs - This doesn’t need to be an exhaustive or fixed list. The short development cycles and iterative bursts allow for changes as we go.

The result? User-friendly, high-quality software with added room for growth further down the line.
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